Natural Air Purifier Plants for Your Living Room with the names

Plants make for great home décor as they add more color as well as style, not just outside in the yard or garden but also inside the living room. But they also serve another great function, as natural toxin remover plants for your living room and other parts of the house.

We all know that plants breathe in carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen. Their mini oxygen plants that provide additional oxygen. A great reason why it’s more airy and relaxing in a park with lots of trees than parks with less. But aside from providing oxygen, there are plants that clean the air and also absorb other toxic chemicals within your home, stuff that we ourselves put in. These houseplants can purify the air of chemicals that come from sprays, cleaners, paints and even toxins from mold. Artificial plastic plants simply won’t do as home décor as there’s simply no point. You need plants that clean the air.

Below is a list of the best indoor plants that will not only add more beauty and color to your home but will function as natural air purifier indoor plants for your living room.

Spider Plant

Great for houseplant newbies or anyone who has yet to gain a green thumb. The Spider plant is one of some quite resilient small indoor plantsand will quickly filter out many toxins such as carbon monoxide and xylene. Spider Plants require little care. Just enough exposure to sunlight and some water will do.

Aloe Vera

This is a houseplant with a great many uses aside from being a home décor or as a natural air purifier for your living room. Though it’s one of many small indoor plants that should also look great in the kitchen. It can rid the air of chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene found in paints, varnishes and detergents. It’s best placed in window sills because this plant needs some water and plenty of sun. Plus, it can be used to help grow and maintain hair as well as sooth kitchen burns.


We are going with full beauty for this houseplant because of its beautiful tiny purple flowers. These small indoor plants can take out ammonia and benzene from the air often found in adhesives and detergents. This plant also loves the sun and is preferably placed near windows. It’s one of many best indoor plants that you can get.

Snake Plant

This tall, pretty green plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue should be more than welcome in your home.  This all-leaf, yellow-tipped plant is also care-free and only needs very little water and plenty of sun. It can detoxify your home from formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, toluene, and trichloroethylene.

Red-edged Dracaena or Dragon Tree

It’s like having your own little palm tree within your living room. The leaves are green with some red trim. Theseoxygen plantsare slow growing so there’s no danger of a full tree taking over your living room.Hardly a small indoor plant, they could grow for up to 8 feet and might need some periodic replacement unless you have a high-ceiling, well-sunlit area for them to call home. Aside from much carbon dioxide, it can clear the room of trichloroethylene and xylene and several others.

Barberton Daisy

Among natural air purifier plants for your living room, the Barberton Daisy can certainly add more red, yellow, orange and pink making your home look a bit cheerful. It can clear the air of harmful formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and benzene that come from paints and synthetic fibers. Its colors make it one of the best indoor plants available.

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